A spectacular Job World
game system!

DEAPcoin, a supreme existence that can be found somewhere in this world.
It is said that those who have the treasure will gain eternal and infinite power.
Even today, people and Job Lords are seeking DEAPcoin and
throwing themselves into endless battles...


An outlook・story of a very ordinary young boy, Ryu Neet, who finds his way into a strange world by accident. There, jobs exist as gods, and people control these Job Lords to battle each other in this fantasy world, Job World.

Through his adventures with a mysterious girl called Serika, other unique friends, and many Job Lords, Neet discovers his destiny and the hidden mysteries of this world.


DEAPcoin is a supreme presence that embodies eternal and unlimited value. It is said that your wishes can come true if you collect many DEAPcoins.


PALEcoin is a lower presence that is a way of obtaining DEAPcoin. Collecting PALEcoin and attaining DEAPcoin is the purpose of everyone living in the JobTribes world.

Battle System

Wisely using the various characteristics of the Job Lord card to defeat your opponent’s card deck.
Create a deck with 6 cards and challenge someone to a battle.
Summon Job Lords and use their skills by using the Budget that is dealt in each battle!
You can win by reducing your opponent’s coin balance to zero
(coin balance dealt during battle) or defeat all 6 of your opponent’s Job Lords!

Get a new Job Lord with the recruitment function.

The Job Lords have various special skills and compatibility. If you collect a lot of characters, you can even win against strong opponents!

Job Lords

Unique characters that symbolize Occupations. From Occupations familiar to everyone around the world, to culturally specific Occupations, in JobTribes, every profession from all over the world will appear one after another.

Using the unique Job Skills possessed
by Job Lords wisely is the point!

Such as strong attack skills that reduces the opponent’s coin balance,
defense skills to protect your coin balance,
and skills that cause various status changes. In order to use a Job Skill,
you must pay a Salary from your coin balance,
so you need to be able to judge the situation and know your profession.